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Ukie is the trade association for the UK’s video game and interactive entertainment industry, which exists to support, grow and promote the UK interactive entertainment industry by fostering the right economic, cultural, political and social environment needed for games businesses to thrive. Ultimately, Ukie aims to make the UK the best place in the world to make, sell and play games.

Founded in 1989 (under the name Elspa), Ukie is strictly a not-for-profit, funded by the industry, primarily via the membership fee and governed by a board of directors appointed or elected from member companies.

Annual Reviews

Membership Over Time

Year Number of Members
2021 526
2020 496
2019 466
2018 410
2017 360
2016 305
2015 264
2014 229
2013 181
2012 136
2011 90
2010 42

Board Members Over Time

List of Ukie Board Members Over Time