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  • In 2019, the Australian video games market was worth $3.61bn AUD (approx. £1.97bn). (IGEA, Jun 2020)
    • Physical software sales dropped 18% to $425.4m (~£232.6m), digital software dropped 6% to $1.4bn (~£770m), mobile down 10% to $1bn (~£550m) and subscription up 28% to $273m (~£149m).
    • Game hardware was down 23% to $332.8m (~£182m) and game accessories down 26% to $170.7m (~£93m).
  • Australia's 12.4million players spent $1.3billion in 2018, making it the worlds 14th biggest games market in the world. (Newzoo, Aug 2018)
  • In Australia, digital games developers employed 734 people at the end of June 2016, an increase of 26.3% since 2012. 63% of those roles were made up of visual effects/animation, game designers and computer programmers. (ABS, Jun 2017)
  • 15% of the Australian digital game developer workforce is female, increasing from 8.7% in 2012. (ABS, Jun 2017)
  • Australia’s game development industry earned $114.9 million in the 2015-16 financial year, with 81% of revenue derived from overseas markets.
  • 78% of Australian game developers project business growth in FY2016-17, with nearly two-thirds planning to employ additional staff.
  • The industry employed 842 people in FY2015-16, of which programmers (33%), artists (24%) and management, administration and marketing (20%) made up the majority.
  • The Australian game development industry is concentrated in Melbourne, with 51% based in the Victorian capital, followed by Sydney (14%) and Brisbane (13%). 24% of respondents started their studio in 2012, and 14% in 2014. (IGEA GDAA, Dec 2016)